Sunday, May 4, 2014

Returning home

It feels so good to be in Berlin again. After a year of being away, walking the streets, seeing familiar landmarks, and hearing the omniscient disembodied voice telling me to "zurückbleiben, bitte" feels like coming home after a long trip. As I traveled with Tony from the airport to the hostel where we'll be staying for these first couple days before the work begins, I kept seeing places that I was excited for everyone to see. I'm sure I got on his nerves with my endless "You HAVE to see this here"'s, "You should stop by this station and see this when you have time"'s, and "and at this station there's"'s.

After having our first experience of the trip tracking people down with limited communication, we managed to get our month subway passes and finally get some rest for a couple hours. Then we enjoyed a pizza dinner and a walk together to the part of town where we'll soon be living. Everyone was excited to see the street musicians right outside the train station and all the hustle of young and eccentric people in Friedrichshain. Despite my jet lag, I was still overflowing with anticipation for all the things we'll be doing and seeing while here. A trip with Janet is always an adventure, after all.

Today, after I enjoy a delicious German breakfast, I think I'll head over to one of my favorite places in Berlin, the Tiergarten and maybe hit up a museum with my still valid year pass before seeing the first play of the trip at the Schaubühne. It's good to be back.

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