Friday, May 23, 2014


The Germans have a word I like to use. "Leerlauf" (running idle or idling)can be used to mean taking time to do nothing. This is a great word that comes from "leer" = empty and "laufen" = to run/walk.  We started our day later yesterday (on the train after 11 am!) to go to Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) which is in the Wannsee. It is a charming place and the main attraction was just seeing sailboats, watching frogs in bogs, listening to loud birds, resting under trees and in wide-open meadows, eating a piece of rhubarb cake (Rharbarberkuchen),painting onto small canvases with acrylic paints, and watching peacocks, including some rare white fluffy peacocks (sorry no picture of those). Here are a few shots I took.

I can't believe I took that last shot with my I-Phone!
I'll post pictures from today's tour, later!

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