Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Day of Art and MOveMent , 06.05.2014

If you don't know who I am, my name is Teryn. (Der Teufel in the play). You'll get to see that I am the "selfie" goddess. (Selfie taking is one of my favorite hobbies, and it is certainly not limited to just taking selfies of my self...)

Tuesday, bright and early, 9am here in Berlin (3am in Detroit), we headed out to a private tour of Boros Collection, which is an art gallery in the Berlin Bunker that was built in 1941. After years of serving different purposes from textile storage to fruit storage (once known as the Banana), and even as one of the hottest techno clubs in the 90s until it was shut down by police probably because of all the illegal fetish parties, it is now home to Christian Boros and his family who had a penthouse built on top of it and opens the Bunker as an exhibition of his private art collection. It was honestly one of the most interesting, and fun collections I have ever seen and experienced.

This is the Bunker and the penthouse on top:

This is the layout of the Bunker:

Later, we had our first movement workshop.  Another thing about me...I absolutely love dance and the art thereof so this was absolutely pure heavenly intoxication for me. I just love to use movement as a way of release of tension and expression. It was a great part of my day. 

A few of us even went to see a play last night. It incorporated some really cool beat-boxing and (which was also pretty great and thought provoking...we were all having a mini debate..mostly Chris, Toni and me).

  And here are some pictures of the day from start to end:


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