Sunday, May 11, 2014

Busy days and DT flash mob at Brandenburger Tor!

Happy Mothers Day!

We have been busy-busy-busy-busy. That's right! In case you've forgotten what we look like, I'm including a lot of pictures in what will likely be a very disorganized post. Whoops.

The days are all sort of blending into each other. On Thursday, we had a great movement workshop in Steglitz at Tanz Tangente with choreographer Nadja Raszewski and we had our opening reception at MORUS14 where we met some of the kids we are going to be tutoring. At night, we saw some great theater at the Theater Treffen! I think/hope that somebody will write about it.

Here are some photos of our visit to MORUS14 where we met some of the families and introduced ourselves with a slide show.

Oh. . . and Kat made her Berlin Debut Wed. night before a silent film at MORUS14.

Friday started with a movement workshop in Friedrichshain with Jacalyn and Marcela, followed by a surprise Sushi lunch in honor of Teryn's birthday and tutoring and a show and Egyptian food at one of my favorite restaurants after the theater.

This group is impressive, indeed! Despite being very busy they managed to squeeze an RC Deutsches Theater first-ever (!) flashmob into the day's activities in honor of Teryn. She was the center focus of a choreographed dance at Brandenburger Tor. (I hope to post a film of it later.)

Yesterday, we had our first movement workshop with the MORUS kids (16 showed up!) and we then read at the Bebelplatz at Lesen gegen das Vergessen a dramatic reading of a Brecht scene (Das Mahnwort), with Teryn singing the epigraph. The event is in honor of writers whose works were burned by the Nazis on this site on May 10, 1933.

After the Brecht, Chris and I read  a poem by Mühsam accompanied by Kat playing Hindemith on viola (Bratsche). (This was Kat's big debut at the Opera House square!

The crowd of a few hundred people (!) responded enthusiastically. We rushed from there to Berliner Ensemble where some members of our group saw Peter Pan. We all went to the Volksbühne where everyone saw Murmel Murmel. My face still hurts from laughing so hard. I think that Katreina may have laughed even more! What fun!

Earlier this week was "Fegefeuer in Ingolstadt" (Purgatory in Ingolstadt), which was the first Theater Treffen show that some of the group saw (I think that this was Thurs. night, but as said, the days are blending together at this point.).

I hope to post a short video of the flash mob later.

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