Saturday, May 3, 2014

Getting excited about the majority of students in the group arriving on Monday. I mean, I'm excited about all the students arriving and a majority of them is arriving on Monday! I LOVE to show people around Berlin--feel a little territorial about it (as if it were "my" city). I just love it here. I've already attended a long but good performance at the Theater Treffen. Some images still linger in my head from it. And I am eager to take students to their first show and to break some bread with this fun group of students that is going to be here soon! Still putting finishing touches on plans for our program. It's like Michigan weather was when I left--a little too cold. But Spring was here earlier so all the trees are green, the birds are out in full force (as Taylor noted)--but that's nothing new. Christopher Isherwood even talks about the birds in his writing. I'm hoping to hear soon from some of the students anticipating what their time here will be like. Sorry no photos yet. I didn't have a way to post them, but will after the group arrives.

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