Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hallo! Thanks for following! Well, I have officially made it to a new continent!! I've been waiting for this for a very long time, and I am living it up to the fullest! I have had a little under a week so far to explore and experience the amazing city of Berlin. My first day was really interesting. We made it to our hostel. We stayed in a quiet part of town called Mitte. Berlin has the same charm as I have experienced before in other places, but is also very distinct. Chris, Taylor, and I went and explored the town. My first challenge, was figuring out what I was ordering at restaurants. The names are always new to me and I just try to do my best to remember for next time. A few nights ago, a group of us went to a play at the Schaubühne called "Ein Volksfeind" and it was great. It was a play about politics affecuting a town, and the implications of the actions of that town's people and politicians. I got a front row ticket. A short time after sitting down a woman came over and asked if I spoke German, to which I responded, "Ja," as I tried to look as Deutsch as possible. The people next to me who she was also addressing asked her to speak English. She then turned to me and asked me if I spoke English. SUCCESS!!!! my hope is that she assumes I am German (because the only thing she heard me say was "yes"). She told us briefly that we were basically in the "splash zone" and to grab the tarp on the floor to avoid getting paint all over me. I mostly forgot about the tarp soon after the show started. The best part of the show was near the end. The scene depicted a town hall meeting of sorts. The interesting art is that the stage consisted of a solitary white podium facing the audience. WE were the towns people, and suddenly we were thrown in the story and asked to voice our opinions either for or against the ideas presented. They passed around microphones and heard audience members' members opinions, and responded as their character would have, never breaking character. They really transformed the room, changing the atmosphere. Suddenly strangers were discussing the issues at hand. A very cool experience over all. I didn't know what to expect from German theater, but after my first show, I can't wait to see more!! Until next time, Tony C.

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