Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lake Studio Dance Performance

Last night we were lucky enough to see one of our instructors, Marcela, perform along with several other members of her dance troupe. Most of the dancers are part of a cooperative. They all live in the same building that the performance was held in, which they helped to renotave themselves. Lake Studios is located in Friedrichshagen, an adorable town just outside of Berlin. The space is very calming, with a peaceful garden and hammocks in the back. Like most performances I've seen in Berln, the dance cncert was very different than I expected in the best way. The show started with the audience laying on the middle of the stage, and Marcela dancing on top of the skylight above, providing an incredible example of the techniques that she's been teaching us. Other dancers challenged my expectations as well, from a woman who spent a large part of her performance with her feet planted on the floor, moving only her upper body to a man whose dance involved a desk and a plastic toy dinosaur. Everything we saw was unique and incrible. Many of us even got a chance to speak with the dancers after the show and learn a little more about the studio.

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