Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bike trip!!!

Hi, everyone, I'm Yuchen, the guy whose face is blocking that of Sarah's in our cover picture(Sarah is the girl who's face is blocked by Yuchen's in that picture). Today we went on a 40 km bike trip in Berlin's lovely woods. It is such a surprise to see so much nature in a huge city like Berlin. It was the scenery that drives us forward(as our legs were thoroughly sore). A picture is more powerful than a thousand words. Let me show you some pictures!*
*Due to my lamentable skills in capturing human faces, the pictures are mostly scenery.
This picture was taken at the beginning of our trip, the beautiful Spree!
Let's ride into the woods!
Who doesn't want to live by the Spree?
After a day's riding, a picnic by the lake is the best fuel!
Berlin from afar

Last but not least, to all mothers: happy mother's day!母亲节快乐!

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