Saturday, May 3, 2014


As I (Benji, the one with the fringe jean jacket in the cover photo) sit here in the airport, I am in shock that the summer is finally here.  Sitting here by the gate will be the last time that I am on American soil for fifteen weeks, and I could not be more excited.  Berlin is my first stop.  I have never been to Germany, and I am always interested in going somewhere for the first time.  It is a very unique feeling doing something for the first time.  It's one thing to see pictures and movies of the city, but it is another to actually be in the city and be immersed in it.  The sounds, smells, visuals just hit you from the moment you walk off the plane (hopefully 18 hours from now), and the rush doesn't stop there.  It is the feeling that makes me want to travel and see new places.  For the next three to four weeks, I will be able to see so many new things and explore a city like no other.  I'll even be able to understand the locals (somewhat) speaking in their native tongue.  While I look forward to tutoring, exploring the city is what I really can't wait to do.  I don't necessarily want to see everything (gotta have a reason to come back), but I do want to experience as much as possible.  I know this trip is going to be unreal, and I just want it to be there already.

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