Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Museum Poem

Here is a poem I wrote when we went to the Neues Museum, a museum on Museum Island. It is a compilation of my thoughts as I observed these 2 pieces in the museum:

The fibers of bones.
Yet so telling of life 
that is no more.
Telling that life was 
but is no more.

You keep nothing when you die 
not even the flesh on your bones.

Fibers, bone.
Color is bone.
Form is bone.

Skeletal details
Everything else disappears 
with time. 

Time escapes 
Time tells death what should stay.
What will survive.
Time tells what can last. 

The last breath gives one the journey of death.
Death is a journey all beings must process.
A process  that indicates there was once life.

Life could be preserved in bones.

that are
or new 
and dry
and fibers.
Fibers  of Bones 
that journey a story of here and gone. 

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