Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mother's Day/ Sunday's Bike Trip!!! 11.05.2014

On Mother's day we had a bike trip which  of course you already know about from Yuchen's post on Mutters Tag (Mother's Day). It was so much fun and also quite exhausting. We rode about 40 km which is about 25 miles! I know my family is surprised I even agreed to do it, I once did a 30 mile bike ride when I was in dance camp back in 9th grade then wrote an entire song about how I detest bike riding... it was a hit with all the kids at the studio and my family. In the midst of our 25 mile bike ride with Morus, we also had a beautiful picnic and a few mini breaks. I made sure to take lots of selfies throughout the ride, my favorites were taking the selfies in motion. I also loved a couple shots I got to take using Kat's fabulous camera. The ride was all in all pretty relaxing and fun, next time we'll just have to schedule with Mother Nature so that there's no rain. I didn't have a rain coat or umbrella so I put my swimsuit on top of my head. I'm sure someone took a picture of that. Here are some of the pictures I took with my handi (cell phone).



















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